• Основано в 1992 году

    ООО «Протос»
    • оптовая торговля металлопрокатом
    • изготовление стального холодногнутого профиля
    • производство электросварной балки
    • поставка техники

    Тел.: +375 (222) 21-03-03


    Директор —

    Сыса Николай Степанович

  • Основано в 1994 году

    ООО «Арматурный завод»
    • производство металлоконструкций
    • производство арматурных сеток и каркасов

    Тел.: +375 (222) 40-09-00


    Директор —

    Гринюк Евгений Эдуардович

  • Основано в 2008 году

    ООО «Протос Авто»
    • международные перевозки грузов автотранспортом
    • перевозка сжиженного газа
    • перевозка светлых нефтепродуктов
    • аренда техники

    Тел.: +375 (222) 40-03-00


    Директор —

    Щуцкий Александр Александрович

  • Основано в 2008 году

    ООО «Протос Техно»
    • ремонт и техническое обслуживание грузового автотранспорта

    Тел.: +375 (222) 40-07-00


    Директор —

    Калачев Иван Николаевич

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Holding "Protos Companies Group"

Комментарий к главной

Advanced technologies, modern equipment, highly qualified specialists, and 20 - year work experience in the market are a reliable quality guarantee.

The enterprise is constantly searching for challenging and high-tech commercial products, practicing new activities, increasing the number of employees, expanding the material base. In this regard, it was taken the decision to diversify the fields of activity. As a result, in 2010 Holding "Protos Companies Group" which includes four companies: "Protos" Ltd, "Armaturny zavod" Ltd, "Protos Techno" Ltd and "Protos Auto" Ltd was founded.

Thus, the synergistic effect of the Holding, i.e., the interaction of structures within a narrow specialization, enables each company to focus on getting the most effective result from their activities, where the contribution of each company aims to achieve the Holding common goal.

"There are no trifles even in the little things!"
In 2012 the company "Protos" marked it’s the 20th anniversary and this is a 20-year experience of success and mistakes, hard work, development and achievements.
Today — it is a modern, dynamic enterprise successfully existing in the Belarusian market.
  • Foundation of "Protos" Ltd. How it all began.

  • 1994

    Foundation of "Armaturny zavod" Ltd

  • Creation of our own MAN vehicle fleet

  • 2000

    The construction of a new production facility in Saltanovka village

  • Mastering a new type of activity: liquefied gas supply and transportation

  • 2006

    Foundation of a service center for trucks maintenance and repairing

  • We were awarded ISO 9001-2001certificate and recognized as a BAMAP member

  • 2008

    Foundation of "Protos Auto" Ltd

  • «Protos» Ltd – the winner of the Republican contest "The Best Entrepreneur"

  • 2010

    Creation of the Holding " Protos Companies Group"

  • The introduction of new advanced manufacturing technologies