Holding "Protos Companies Group"

In 2012 the company "Protos" marked it’s the 20th anniversary and this is a 20-year experience of success and mistakes, hard work, development and achievements.
Today — it is a modern, dynamic enterprise successfully existing in the Belarusian market.
According to the decision  of the founders bulk of the profit goes to investment to create new jobs, substitution of imported goods, attraction of foreign buyers and, of course, obtaining new income. This process is called reinvestment in the economy. As a result,  the company is constantly technically rearming.

Along with the modern material and technical base professional skills of the personnel provide the effective performance of the Holding. The average age of employees is 37 years. Promising professionals are trained in the leading training centers in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Austria and Germany.

Our policy basis  basis is to satisfy the requirements and expectations  of customers by means of:

- improvement of the material and technical base;

- real quality system that ensures accordance   with the requirements of the modern market;

- sales system close to customers;

- management system, ensuring the balanced development of the entire Holding;

- advancing of staff qualification and creating good relations between our specialists in the company.

We keep up with the time, the motto of our company is:

"There are no trifles even in the little things!"

                                                                                                                                             N.S. Sysa