13 / October 2014

Students of Belarusian-Russian University got acquainted with the benefits of having industrial and predegree practice at a new modern "Protos" LLC production

Within the framework of the concluded cooperation agreement between a public institution of higher education "Belarusian-Russian University" and "Protos" LLC visiting lectures for the students of 3-4 courses of "Industrial and civil construction" and "Equipment and technology of welding manufacturing" faculties on the basis of "Protos" LLC new production, during which the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the most modern plant in Belarus producing metal bridge structures were organized.


Prospective interns had the opportunity to study the performance of a new plant for metal bridge structures manufacture and get the most comprehensive information on the benefits of passing the industrial and predegree practice at this enterprise.


Fundamentals of labor safety organization at the new production, working principles of the design department, the main regulatory documents required for the design and manufacture of metal structures, the possibilities of licensing programs for 2D and 3D-modeling, constructions creating process from the idea to CD, CMD, basic operations of machine-tools installed in the shop, the process of making an I-beam, metal constructions assembly process were presented to the students’ attention.

A meeting with the faculties leadership took place during which the establishing of departments branches issue in the enterprises of Holding "Protos Companies Group" to improve the quality of qualified specialists training was discussed. Students will have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research, work on the course and diploma projects regarding the enterprise specifics. Currently, the issue of creating necessary conditions for the work of the departments branches is being worked out in details by "Protos" LLC.