Metal constructions

The main activity of “Armaturny zavod '' - is the production  of a wide range of steel constructions  for the construction of buildings and structures  of various purposes and complexity:


 metal girders, towers, columns, poles, piles, and other elements of metal buildings carcasses of industrial, agricultural and warehouse use;

 metal constructions for complete gas distribution  stations and valve stations (catwalks, platforms, etc.);

 halt fencings and stopping points for MPS;

 inserts, armature and masonry reinforcing  meshes for housing;

 fences, balconies, stairways and ramps fences;

 non-standard metal constructions.

The most important objects of "Armaturny zavod"Ltd for the 2010-2012 years.

Workshops of manual, mechanized, automatic and contact welding, workshops of anti-corrosion preparation and painting    equipped with modern high-tech equipment from world leaders production :

 automated drilling - saw complex (made in Germany);

 automated band saws (made in Germany);

 automated drilling complex (made in the USA);

 gas-plasma cutting installation (made in Slovakia);

 bending machine (made in Italy, Germany);

 semi-automatic welders (made in Germany);

 universal hydraulic presses (made in Spain);

 paint-drying complex (made in Italy).

Materials for the manufacture of metal constructions are purchased due to direct contracts from the manufacturing plants of rolled sheet and profiles in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the EU countries, that allows to ensure high quality and reduce production costs.
Monitoring of quality at every stage of production from incoming inspection of the metal to the final opinion of the independent laboratory “"Non-destructive testing methods" of the Belarusian-Russian University is made using special equipment by TCI service.
For finished products the quality certificate is issued in accordance with GOST 23118-99.

On request, the delivery of finished steel constructions is possible by using its own lengthy vehicles.

Advanced technologies, modern equipment, highly qualified specialists and 20 years' work experience in the market are a reliable guarantee of quality.

The most important objects of "Armaturny zavod"Ltd for the 2010-2012 years.:

— the housing of special steel constructions and armature with a cold warehouse on the industrial base  needed for building a nuclear power plant in Ostrovets district, RB;

— automatic installation of the clock filling of light oil products in railway tanks ОАО «Mozyr Oil Refinery Plant», RB

— the construction of the youth cultural and entertainment center with the amphitheater in Gorki, RB

— Ice palace with sports hall in Gorki, RB

— the construction materials and tools shop«OMA» in Mogilev, RB;

— modernization of lime shop with production organization of fodder chalk in Klimovichi, RB;

— Mining and Processing Plant  with the capacity 1.4 million tons per year of potassium chloride based on Garlyk potash deposit in the Lebap region, Turkmenistan;

— vertically integrated woodworking complex of «IKEA» in Mogilev, RB;

— the construction of the technological line of cement production with the capacity 1.8 million tons per year in the area of the deposit«Kamenka» PRUP «Krichevcementnoshifer», RB;

— the assembly conveyor of the company «SKODA» in Nizhniy Novgorod, RF;

— the construction of the oil terminal in Antwerp, Belgium

— the office building of “Tatneft” Kazan, RF

— slaughterhouse with the capacity 3 thousand of chickens per hour JSC «Alexandrian», Shklovsky district, RB;

— potato storage with the capacity 2000 tons, RUE «Mogilev Regional Agricultural Research Stationя” The Bellorussian National Academy of Sciences

— warehouse of finished goods ICHUPTP «The old fort» in Bobruisk,RB;

— poultry farm for growing of broilers at JSC «Alexandrian», Shklovsky district, RB;

— the expansion of pig fattening with 25 thousand per year to 50 thousand of heads at JSC «Alexandrian» Shklovsky district, RB;

— shop for the production of nourishing grounds UE «Vitebskoblgas», RB.