Reinforcing products


"Armaturny zavod" Ltd produces a broad range of reinforcement products:

  reinforcement welded wire mesh;
masonry welded wire mesh;
 — reinforcement cages (volume and flat).

Reinforcing welded mesh
refers to a heavy class and is widely used in various industry and construction spheres – for reinforcing of iron and concrete products and constructures, stone and masonry, paving of all types, as well as in the construction of cages and enclosures. In the construction of residential and industrial objects reinforcement mesh GOST 23279-85 is used.
Reinforcing welded mesh is a series of mutually vertical metal rods, welded at the intersection. Accordingly, the cells thus have a square or rectangular shape, and the size of each side can be adjusted from 25 to 200 mm. Manufacturing of the reinforcing mesh is made with the help of contact or electric arc welding methods from reinforcement class C500 with the diameter from 4 mm.
Laying welded mesh
is  a light mesh and is used in the manufacture of iron and concrete products which do not have normalized strength, during repair, facade and finishing works, with its use it is possible to make reinforcement of brick and stone buildings. The diameter of individual wires is 4 - 5 mm. 

Reinforcement cage – welded or knitted product made of smooth or corrugated metal rods with a diameter from 6 to 32 mm. It is used for reinforcement of iron and concrete constructions and products on the filling stage, which allows significantly to increase the strength of iron and concrete products and their resistance to mechanical stress and loads of different duration and intensity.
"Armaturny zavod" Ltd Ltd produces reinforcing cages of two types: spatial and flat:
- spatial reinforcing cages are produced for different purposes, from round and square for piling, and up to three-dimensional constructions of the cell type for pouring of large amounts of concrete, as a rule, in the construction of industrial facilities.
- flat reinforcing cages are usually 2-3 layers of the reinforcing mesh, used during the laying of the foundation, including the strip foundation, as well as for the reinforcement of iron and concrete.
All products manufactured by "Armaturny zavod" Ltd on different stages of construction, meet GOST requirements – in particular, GOST 10922-90 and GOST 14098-91.
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