Liquefied gas transportation

«Protos Auto» Ltd is engaged in transportation of liquefied petroleum gas using its own modern fleet of specialized semi-trailers and tank cars of  WW "Dromech", “STOKOTA” (Poland) и "VPS" (Czech Republic) manufacturing plants, 2007-2012 2007-2012 with capacity from 45 to 48 m3 each, by means of MAN, tractors relevant to ECMT Euro-4 and Euro-5 norms.

Transportation geography:

— The Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Cargo types: liquefied gases of hazard class 2 (propane, butane, isobutane, propylene, mixtures A01, A02, A0, A1, B2, B1, B).

For the implementation of transportation ECMT authorizations, one-time authorizations are used. The implementation of loads transportation is possible according to the International Road Transportation procedure, the Delivery Control Document system and T1.

If you have any questions you can always contact the specialists of "Protos Auto" Ltd, who will correctly and efficiently answer them.