«BelUGMK Ltd», Belarus

The foreign private trade unitary enterprise "Universal Mining and Metallurgical Company (" C "UMMC") was established in May 2007 as a subsidiary of Private Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company" (UMMC, Ukraine) to provide a wide range of customers with necessary assortment of high quality steel. The representation "BelUGMK" Ltd in Belarus was opened in June 2011.

OJSC «Metalloinvest», Russia

«Metalloinvest» is the leading manufacturer and supplier of iron ore products in the global market, one of the regional steel producers. «METALLOINVEST» includes leading mining and processing Russian enterprises - Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky mining and processing plants, steel plants - Oskolsky Electric Steel Works and Ural Steel, the metal recycling company "UralMetCom", steel-rolling production in the UAE as well as assets that provide service and the supply of raw materials to mining and metallurgical enterprises.

OJSC «Severstal», Russia

CherMK (JSC "Severstal") is one of the largest integrated steel plants in the world. Main types of manufactured products are armature, wire rod, circle, angle, channel, hexagon, marine steel, steel for bridge and building construction, steel for vessels under pressure, electrical steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel with polymer coating , curved profiles, two-layer clad steel, pipe billet.

OJSC «OMK», Russia

OMK is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of products for the leading energy, transport and industrial companies. OMК produces pipes for various purposes, railway wheels and rolling. ОMК was founded in 1992. OMK comprises 4 large metallurgical enterprises. OMK Pipe complex includes Vyksunsky Metallurgical Plant (Nizhny Novgorod region), Almetyevsk Pipe Plant (The Republic of Tatarstan), and Trubodetal Plant (Chelyabinsk region); metallurgical complex OMK includes Casting and Rolling Complex (Nizhny Novgorod region).

«Torgovyi Dom MMK» LLC, Russia

«Torgovyi Dom MMK» LLC is a young, fast-growing and successful trading company implementing steel products of JSC" MMK "businesses in many regions of Russia and Belarus.

OJSC «Metallservice», Russia

Metallservice is the biggest trade and warehouse complex in Russia for steel products storage and processing. The main activity of the company is the metal wholesale. There are always the most popular items of metal: tubes (welded tubes, cold and hot strained pipes ), armature, channels, beams, circle, angle, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals (color rolling) at the company warehouses.

OJSC «Grodnogazstroyizolyatsiya», Belarus

OJSC "Grodnogazstroyizolyatsiya" is the largest producer of protective insulating pipe coating used in the installation of main oil pipelines, inter-village, urban and industrial gas, water, heating systems, as well as carrying cases used for utilities laying in the Republic of Belarus. Steel pipes with an outer combined polyethylene sheeting, double-layer outer protective coating, external protective coating based on a three-layer extruded polyethylene, as well as pre-insulated pipes with rigid foam polyurethane are supplied to almost all significant objects for the national economy of the Republic of Belarus.

CJSC «Lankmeta», Lithuania

Private capital enterprise CJSC "Lankmeta" was founded in April, 8, 2002 in Panevezhis. The main activity of СJSC "Lankmeta" is the production of cold bent steel profiles the length of which is even till 12.36 meters and thickness is till 3,0 mm, and also profiles the length of which is till 4 meters, and the thickness is even till 6,0 mm. CJSC "Lankmeta" also produces bearing profiled sheets: metal thickness is from 0.6 to 1.2 mm; profile height is 122 mm and maximum length is 13000 mm; covering width is 695 mm.

«Kaltenbach GmbH», Germany

Kaltenbach company was founded in 1878. Today more than 120,000 machines of this well-known to all specialists enterprise have been successfully operated in the world. Due to many years of experience in the band saw and disc cutting equipment production, implementation of strict incoming inspection of components, automation of assembly processes, the trademark Kaltenbach has become synonymous with perfect German quality.

«Combilift», Ireland

The company Combilift (Ireland) has been producing a loader for handling long loads since 1998. The president of the company is Robert Muffet, who owns a unique car concept - the best response to customer requests, working with long-lengths (to 14 m). In a short time the loader was highly appreciated by experts and has become popular in such industries as metal and wood processing, chemical industry, production of construction materials and others.

«ArcelorMittal», Luxembourg

JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau" is the largest mining and metallurgical sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan and integrated mining and metallurgical complex with its own coal, iron ore and power base.

«TEZETS.A.», Poland

The company is a direct importer of liquefied propane, butane, propane - butane from the best manufacturers. TEZETS.A operates in the gas market since 1988 and today it is one of the largest suppliers of liquefied natural gas in the country and in the CIS, as well as the market leader in the south-eastern Poland.

«VPS, a.s.»

Company VPS a.s. - JSC "East Czech gas equipment factory" specializes in the manufacturing of containers for liquefied gas storage and transportation. "Propane-service" Ltd is the official representative of VPS a.s. plant and has the exclusive right to sell the tanks for LPG transportation in the Ukraine.

«Sperr & Lechner GmbH», Germany

Since 1978 the company «Sperr & Lechner» has been producing machines for long sheet tin bending «Biegemaster». A user-comfortable system of computer numerical control with an optimized display of the sequence of each profile rotation and automatic depth stop makes the car fast productive center in the profiles manufacturing. The integrated cutting device automatically cuts the sheet of the desired width. Thanks to the automatic adjustment of the clamping traverse aluminum sheets can be processed with a thickness from 0.4 to 4.0 mm. Along with a wide selection of standard models «Biegemaster» also offers special design solutions to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

«ORLENGAZ Sp. z o.o.», Poland

Foundation year is 1995. Gas production and distribution, natural gas supply services for domestic use, natural gas supply services for industrial use, gas supply services (methane filling) for vehicles, liquefied gas supply services.

«MEBAMetall-Bandsägemaschinen GmbH», Germany

Since its foundation in 1958, Meba Metall-Bandsägemaschinen GmbH has become an international company with a leading market position and a portfolio of innovative products.

«MicroStep», Germany

MicroStep, spol. s r.o. – is the holding engaged in the development and production of plasma, gas, hydroabrasive and CNC laser machine tools for metal cutting. The heart of the holding is the company MicroStep Ltd., located in Bratislava (Slovakia). It was founded in 1991 by members of the Slovak Technical University. The first installation of a CNC plasma cutting machine was made in 1992. By May 2008, it was placed over 950 orders for gantry installations, using multi-technologies of metal cutting.

«BARTER S.A.», Poland

BARTER S.A. is a company with 100% Polish capital, which operates in the liquefied natural gas market since 1999. The main activity of the company is the import, sale and distribution of propane, butane and propane-butane mixture. BARTER is also one of the key importers of coal originating from Russia and Kazakhstan. With increasing success the company also deals with the import and distribution of fertilizers.

«MEP», Italy

The parent company of the Group, founded in 1967, started its activity with the production of the world's first automatic profile-bending machine, using reinforcing wire in coils. This innovation, extraordinary for its time, made it possible to carry out profiling operations and steel cutting in a continuous cycle, revolutionizing in such a way previously used systems that utilize only rolled steel rod.

OJSC «VI-MENS», Russia

The company "VI-MENS" was established in 1994 by enthusiasts of band metal cutting - then still a new technology for the former Soviet Union. The company's founders took part in creation of the first band saw production in the Union, moreover, the first meter of bimetal blade was produced with the participation of our experts.

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