12 /December 2014

From 10 to 12 December N.Sysa visited the Krasnodar Region as part of the official delegation of the Republic of Belarus.

The delegation, which included representatives of business and political circles, was headed by Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin.

Chaired by the head of the Belarusian delegation Anatoly Kalinin and the co-chairman of the Working Group from the Krasnodar Territory, member of the Federation Council Yevgeny Gromyko, the parties discussed the implementation of the Protocol for 2013-2014 to implement the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Administration of the Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation on trade, -Technical and cultural cooperation.

Within the framework of the meeting, the participants discussed the development of cooperation in the field of road construction, as well as the organization of direct flights between the cities of Minsk-Anapa, Minsk-Gelendzhik.

The delegation also visited Temryuk and Belorechensky districts, and held a number of meetings with the leadership of the city of Krasnodar.

At a meeting with Krasnodar Mayor Vladimir Yevlanov, the sides discussed the development of bilateral cooperation, in particular, the participation of Belarusian construction companies in the reconstruction of the city center, the construction of transport interchanges, and the design of facilities, including social facilities.

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