06 /November 2020

Bridge over the Zapadnaya Dvina river

On November 6, the bridge over the Zapadnaya Dvina river was opened.

The bridge was built in 1934, it was partially destroyed during the war, and restored in 1965. The bridge has not been overhauled before; only maintenance repairs have been carried out. The bridge is 270 meters long. It was decided to preserve the appearance of the bridge, which is familiar to Polotsk citizens, with a metal arch. It is associated with the image of the historic center.

Plant "PROTOS" is a manufacturer and supplier of steel structures for the bridge. Due to the timely and complex delivery, the reconstruction lasted 13 months, while the standard construction period according to the project is 14 months.

During the strength tests of the engineering structure, which took place on October 29, no defects and imperfections were revealed that affect the reliability and bearing capacity (carrying capacity) of the bridge.

We are confident in the strength and durability of our metal structures !!!