An unique production of steel welded I-beams with automatic control of the welded seam position ( two automated welding lines made in Finland and Italy).

The advantages of the electric I-beam:

— reduction of structures weight compared with the rolling beam by choosing the optimal composite section, including asymmetric one;

— the possibility of different steel types application in a beam cross-section for shelves and walls;

— higher strength and stiffness compared with the beam of square cross-section;

— wastes minimizing by making the beam of required length.

 "Protos" Ltd produces electric I-beams of the following types:

— the I-beam of constant cross section (height 200-3500 mm, shelf width 100-1500 mm, length 3-24 meters);

— the I-beam of variable cross section;

— the I-beam with variable radius of curvature (radius) - an exclusive type of beams, analogues of which have not yet produced on the territory of Belarus;

— the beam of box cross section;

— the beam of cross-shaped cross section.

We produce all kinds of products according to customers’ drawings.

It is possible to manufacture the products from given material..

Quality assurance:

Quality control is carried out by OTC and its own Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing using the method of thickness measurement, visual-optical and ultrasonic methods of control for welded joints. The laboratory has the certificate of the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus No. BY / 112 2.4700 dated 16.10.2015.

The quality of welded I-beam can be proved with documents according to GOST 23118-99 and Specifications BY 700010872.002-2011..