Innovative production of cold-formed steel profiles for the manufacture of light steel constructions (equipment made in Germany). 

The advantages of cold-formed profile: 

— cost reducing because of supporting frames and buildings foundations, transportation due to reducing the weight of constructions;
— the minimum duration of construction due to the dimensional accuracy and easiness of installation;
— durability of galvanized steel (zinc coating mass 275 g/m2).

Forms of produced by "Protos" Ltd profile (wall thickness 1.5 - 3.0 mm, the maximum length of the profile is 8 meters):

— C-shaped profile and Σ-profile (increased strength)

They are used as a basis for frames, columns, overlaps, farms and truss structures of buildings for various purposes.

— П-shaped profile (equal channel)

It is used as a guide in conjunction with C-profile, as well as by itself.

— Z-shaped profile

It is used as carrier runs during the installation of roof and wall coverings.

We produce all kinds of products according to customers’ drawings.

The quality of cold-formed profile is proved with documents in accordance with Specifications ТУ BY 700010872.001-2011