«Protos» LLC produces a wide range of anchor bolts and inserts used in monolith iron and concrete and other precast constructions for their connection to each other or to other buildings constructions. 

The production of all types of products is carried out using modern equipment and high-quality materials in accordance with the building codes and regulations in albums and and series in strict accordance with GOST and STB requirements imposed on each individual product including the sphere of its use and operating conditions.   

Anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are fasteners with certain geometrical and mechanical properties. In the industrial and civil construction anchor products are used to attach the columns, steel constructions and technological equipment. This makes this type of product is almost indispensable in solving problems related to the installation. 


Inserts are divided into the constructions of open and closed type. They consist of flat elements (plates) that are in the pouring process of iron and concrete products located inside the monolithic design, and anchor rods, which remain outside. The anchor rod can provide threaded or welded connection — depending on the design. Depending on the direction of the anchor rod location there are parallel, perpendicular, oblique and mixed types of inserts.

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