The main activity of PROTOS LLC is the production of wide-range metal structures for the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes and the degree of complexity.

Metalwork factory

Metalware plant Protos LLC, commissioned in 2014, has the capacity of a production base that allows to produce up to 1500 tons of finished products per month, which is enough to simultaneously supply 3-4 construction sites.

Types of manufactured steel:

  • Bridge metal structures for road and railway bridges;

  • metal girders, towers, columns, poles, piles, and other elements of metal buildings carcasses of industrial, agricultural and warehouse use;

  • Metal structures for civil facilities: shopping and entertainment complexes, sports and health centers;

  • Non-standard metal constructions;

  • Lighting masts, fences, overpasses, etc .;

  • Embedded parts, anchor blocks;

  • Steel structures for hazardous production facilities, petrochemical complexes;

  • Unique large-sized construction according to the customer's drawings, which require high accuracy of manufacturing and installation.

Metal structures manufacturing

Metal structures manufacturing is carried out with the use of modern metalworking, crane and welding equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, analogues of which at the moment are not equipped with any metalware factory in the Republic of Belarus.

Equipment used for production:

Name, type, brand

Year of release

Main technical characteristics


Automated drilling-saw complex KALTENBACH, Germany


The maximum width of the part is 1015 mm, diameter 40 mm


Band Saw Machine KALTENBACH, Germany


The maximum width of the part is 1015 mm, length 15000 mm


Band Saw Machines MEBA E, Germany


The maximum width of the part is 1500 mm, length 15000 mm


Roller blasting machines ROSLER, Германия


The maximum width of the part is 2700 mm, length 15000 mm


Rotary milling complex WUXI JACK Thech Co, China


The maximum width of the part is 4000 mm, length 24000 mm


Drilling complex Ocean Evenger, USA


The maximum width of the part is 2000 mm, length 18000 mm


Automatic portal line for drilling, milling and thermal cutting with CNC FICEP GEMINI HD 36, Italy



Plasma cutting machines with CNC Microstep, Germany


The maximum width of the part is 2000 mm, the length is 12000 mm, the height is 200 mm


Automatic welding line CORIMPEX, Italy


The maximum beam height is 3500 mm, the maximum beam width is 1500 mm, the maximum beam length is 24000 mm


Automated welding line for beams welding WA-1500, Finland


The maximum beam height is 1500 mm, the maximum beam width is 700 mm, the maximum beam length is 15000 mm


Sheet metal straightening mill, WUXI JIANFA Co, China


The maximum sheet thickness is 40 mm, the maximum sheet width is 2500 mm, the maximum sheet length is 24000 mm


Bending machine SAF CURVATRICI DS 120 HP, Italy


The maximum bending profile is 200x160 mm, the minimum bending radius is 650 mm


Punching presses GEKA, Spain


The maximum punching force is 90 tons, the maximum punching diameter is 30 mm

Quality assurance

Quality control is carried out by OTC and its own Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing using the method of thickness measurement, visual-optical and ultrasonic methods of control for welded joints. The laboratory has the certificate of the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus No. BY / 112 2.4700 dated 16.10.2015.

The quality of welding operations due to their complexity and responsibility is regulated by the state. Mandatory certification of NACS (National Welding Control Association) is subject to:

- welding technology,

- equipment for welding,

- welding consumables,

- welders.

LLC "Protos" has all the relevant NAKS certificates.

Installation of metal structures

The installation of structures with a metal frame according to modern technologies implies the maximum degree of factory readiness of structures in conditions of full-scale factory production using high-tech equipment with mandatory quality control at each production stage.

The 3D model of the object, developed by the project department of Protos LLC, can be used on the installation site to speed up the installation.

Production cost formation

The price of metal structures is calculated on the basis of the documentation set of the CM cipher provided by the Customer and includes:

  • Cost of rolled metal, not less than 70% of the cost of finished products. Materials are purchased under direct contracts directly from the leading manufacturers of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the European Union

  • The cost of developing the documentation of the cipher KMD and technological documentation for production

  • Cost of welding and auxiliary materials

  • Cost of anticorrosive protection

  • The cost of a set of mounting hardware (if necessary)

  • Cost of delivery of finished goods to the customer's site using own long-distance transport (if necessary)

Order the calculation of the cost:

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Completed work for the most significant facilities of Protos LLC:

Name of the object

Object location

Volumes of steel structures, tons

Masts lighting "Republican Center for Olympic Training in Winter Sports" Raubichi "

Sport complex "Raubichi", Belarus


Reconstruction of the plant with the installation of high-performance lines for the production of flax fiber in OAO Orekhovskiy Flax Factory.

Orekhovka village, Belarus


Reconstruction of the production building №1 of OJSC "Minsk Bearing Plant"

Minsk, Belarus


Technological complex of the calcining machine No. 3 "Mikhailovsky GOK" OJSC

Zheleznogorsk, the Kursk region, the Russian Federation



Construction of a cement-particle board production plant

Krichev, Belarus


The body of special metal structures and fittings with cold storage for the construction of a nuclear power plant

Ostrovets, Belarus


Athletic and health complex in Krasnopolye

Krasnopolye, Republic of Bashkortostan


Construction of an indoor training rink in Zavodskoy district of the town of Orel

Orel, the Russian Federation


Combined plant for the production of high-octane gasoline components

Mozyr, Belarus


Construction of a production line for the production of cement for KRPP "Krichevcementoshifer"

Krichev, Belarus


Production of long products with the construction of a small-section mill at JSC "BMZ" in Zhlobin

Zhlobin, Belarus


Construction of an oil terminal in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium


Bridge over the river Berezina. Left Lane. The steel-aerated concrete span structure Lp = 48,0x67,0 m. Basic steel structures

Bobruisk, Belarus



JSC "PhosAgro-Cherepovets", "Construction of a plant for the production of ammonia"

Cherepovets, the Vologda region, the Russian Federation



Reconstruction of the bridge across the Dnieper River. Metal span structure.

Mogilev, Belarus


The project of building of block M2 (B-03-04) of the Sino-Belarus industrial park with office building and a production building.

Smolevichi district, Belarus


Construction of a poultry farm at the site No. 3 of OJSC Smolevichi Broiler

Oktyabrsky settlement, Smolevichi district, Belarus


Kronospan Steel in the Mogilev FEZ

Mogilev, Belarus


Construction of a plant for the production of building materials based on gypsum and access railways to it.

Gatovo settlement, Belarus

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NACS certificates