«Protos» Ltd performs the cutting of complex shapes of metal sheet (its own and given) of different thicknesses using high – performance plasma systems: of the world’s leader:

         - installation of SPL-PA 6001.20 (plasma / autogen) manufactured by MicroStep Europa GmbH, Germany;
         - installation of PPG 12002.20 (plasma / autogen) produced by MicroStep EuropaGmbH, Germany;
         - cutting, drilling and milling machine FicepHeminiHD36 (Hypertherm plasma cutting system) produced by Ficep, Italy


plazma 2

Technical data for cutting:

— plasma cutting

sheet thickness from 0,5 to 40mm — color and black materials

— oxygen cutting

sheet thickness from 1 to 110mm — black materials

Positional accuracy — 0,05mm

The accuracy of the output sizes (в (large-sized sheets 2,0 x12, 0m for PPG 12002.20 and 2.0 x 6, 0 for SPL-PA 6001.20, 3.6mx24m для FicepHeminiHD36) — 0,2mm

Plasma cutting advantages:

— high purity and quality of the cut surface;
— the process safety;
— possibility of complex figurative notch;
— absence of geometric shape restrictions;
— the most effective and economical way of metal cutting procuring.

The orders for non-ferrous metals cutting are taken.

Our specialists have been trained in Germany by «MictoStep Gruppe» representatives, have the appropriate certificates and are always ready to answer all your questions.