Since 2004 «Protos» provides wholesale supply of liquefied petroleum gas in the markets of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Supplied products:

— propane;

— butane;

— propane and butane (LPG).

The advantages of using LPG in comparison with petrol:

— cost savings due to lower cost

— the lack of engine detonation due to high octane gas

— the lack of impurities, destroying the parts of the car engine

— the equal filling of cylinders by gas diffusion and, as a result, the stable operation of the engine

— the entering into the engine in the gas phase prevents flushing of the protective film from the walls of the cylinder and does not contaminate the oil in the crankcase

— complete combustion of the gas mixture prevents the formation of deposits on the walls of the unit, valves and spark plugs

— environmentally clean (the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases is reduced in several times)

In sum, these advantages are large cost savings, extend engine life to 25-35%, and therefore the number of LPG filling stations in the world is growing from year to year.

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