"PROTOS" LLC performs the order fulfillment for corrosion treatment and painting of rolled metal and finished steel constructions by means of the high-performance modern line, which includes:

— three automatic through - shotblasting installations ROSLER (Germany);
— paint-drying chamber.

Automatic through - shotblasting installation

Automatic through - shotblasting installation allows  to provide the required surface roughness and clean the metal constructions from the factory dross, rust and  other mechanical defects to the degree 1 according to  GOST 9.402-2004.

In processing of carbon and low-alloy types of steel  the upper metal layer sealing is happening, which significantly increases the resistance of structures to corrosion and surface deformation.
Through - window dimensions of the installation  are 2500х600 mm, which allow processing both profiled metal and finished steel constructions.
The installation is equipped with a recirculation system and the storage tank  for shot up to 6 tons. In the technological process  cut steel shot of high quality with the fraction 1.2-1.6 mm made in Germany and France is used..

The quality of metal construction surface preparation  -  is the key to success in the paint application.

Paint-drying chamber

Paint-drying chamber provides the coating application by airless spray according to CMD and the TAP 45-2.01-111-2008.  Camera sizes are 15х5х5 meters. The camera is equipped with lighting and ventilation systems.

After the coating application products are dried in the HEAT CHAMBER at the temperature to+80оС with the help of optimal hot air flow.

Quality control is carried out at each stage by QC engineers with specialized equipment.

The use of preliminary shotblasting, painting with airless method and drying with cleaned hot air in one complex allows to achieve the best results in the corrosion treatment of metal constructions, which is a reliable guarantee of their longevity!