19 /May 2020


PROTOS plant continues to operate and manufacture products, as well as maintains compliance with sanitary rules during a pandemic.

The disinfection of common areas is becoming strengthened; household premises, sanitary rooms, and working equipment are being sanitized as well. The bus, that deliver personnel to and from work, is disinfected weekly.

The labor regime has become stricter: training and warning, personal protective equipment, physical distance, compliance with hygiene rules, cleaning. We hope that these measures will help us to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We are seriously responsible for ensuring safe working space for our work team.

In order for preventive measures reflect the modern scientific knowledge regarding protection against infection, constant monitoring of labor protection and an appropriate risk assessment are necessary. Our company follows constantly updated information about the infection, its transmission methods, monitors messages from sanitary and hygienic agencies, local health authorities, receives information and technical recommendations from them.