08 /June 2020

Government investment policy gives positive results

Supporting business by the government helps to develop new and innovative types of production. This opinion shared with BelTA CEO of the Protos Companies Group Nikolai Sysa.

In 2013, government allocated 1 million euros to the company for the implementation of the investment agreement. In 2014, a plant for the production of metal bridge structures was opened, which has no analogues in Belarus.

The allocated government funds accounted about 8% of the total project cost. The rest funds are own funds and credit resources.

During the implementation of the project, the company delivered structures for three railway and three automobile bridges. Now the metal structures of the bridge across the Western Dvina in Polotsk are in production.

Over the past year, holding “Protos Companies Group” produced about 16 thousand tons of metal structures.

For the allocated 1 million euro of investments, government received about 4 million euro of taxes last year.

The average salary for the enterprise is more than BYN1.5 thousand.

Innovative solutions and automation of production allowed achieving production of BYN 235 thousand per employee per year.

We are at the European standard level!