04 /October 2017

VI International Scientific and Technical Conference "Modern methods and devices for quality control and diagnostics of the state of objects".

The program of the conference, held on September 19-20 on the basis of the Belarusian-Russian State University, covered a wide range of issues: control of the structure and physical and mechanical characteristics of materials and products; control of geometric parameters; flaw detection of materials and industrial products; monitoring, diagnostics and forecasting of the residual resource of objects; computer technologies in nondestructive testing; practical experience of NK and TD of industrial objects; training and certification of personnel in the field of NC ITT.

The report of Filonchik Pavel, the head of Protos company's service, on the topic "Computer technologies in the organization and quality control performance of industrial objects" was recognized as the best report of the conference. The report reflects the main points and approaches to automatization of the quality control process of industrial objects and building structures: information gathering, database maintenance, statistical information processing for interaction with production processes, information storage and its protection.