21 /February 2020

At the forum LPG Ukraine

February 20-21, «Protos Auto» LLC took part in the forum LPG Ukraine.

This is already the 10th forum. Conferences of the A-95 Consulting Group have the status of "must have" for market leaders for many years. Behind nine exciting conferences, nine pairs of busy, active days, nine real LPG market holidays!

Venue - the legendary Premier Palace in the heart of the Ukrainian capital.

LPG Ukraine forums are much more than just a set of presentations. Thanks to experienced moderators, relaxed atmosphere and the absence of forbidden questions, discussions are always unexpected and interesting. There are no random speakers here. If there is a speaker in the program, then he is there to tell you something important and interesting.

February is a good period to sum up the last year and to plan current year. The conference has already gone beyond the framework of the two-day forum. Most participants are constantly in touch.

The conference will discuss the following topics: Global trends in the European energy market, Prospects for increasing production volumes, Quality control: «a necessity or a fetish? » etc.; open discussions will take place: “Pricing in Ukraine”, “Fighting the shadow market”.