28 /February 2020

Honorary Citizen

February 28, Friday, in agro town Veino one of the most significant social event of the year was held - a solemn meeting dedicated to summing up the results of the annual competition of socio-economic development of the district for 2019.

The chairman of the district executive committee sincerely thanked everyone for their daily work, high responsibility, and professionalism.

“Achieved results in the development of the district in 2019 are another confirmation that we are able to set goals, successfully solve tasks and work for the future,” Oleg Ivanovich noted. – But there is always a person behind every specific success, labor victory.

In 2020, the Mogilev District Executive Committee firstly decided to establish the honorary title “Honorary Citizen of the Mogilev Region” and it was entered in the Book of Honor of the Mogilev region. The nomination “Production Activities” was awarded to the director of the HOLDING «PROTOS COMPANIES GROUP» Nikolay Sysa.