29 /November 2017

ing of the Public Advisory Council for Enterprise Development.

The meeting of the public consultative council for the development of entrepreneurship was held on November 29 in Mogilev district. Participation in the event was attended by representatives of the regional Council of Deputies, regional executive committee, district executive committees, members of the regional Council for the development of entrepreneurship, as well as small and medium businesses. They visited Protos Avto LLC, Bair Vest and Servolux Agro.

Speaking about the development of small and medium business in the region, Vladimir Domanevsky stressed that about one third of budget revenues fall on this sector: in 2016 financial injections of private entities accounted for 30.8% of total revenues, and following the results of January-September - 32.6%. "I hope these figures will grow in the future. To this end, the executive power should build friendly relations with business representatives, create the proper conditions for the successful functioning of the private sector of the economy"- said the head of Pridneprovsky Krai. According to the chairman of the regional executive committee, Decree No. 7, which provides for changing mechanisms of interaction between state bodies and business, minimizing the interference of officials in the work of business entities and strengthening self-regulation of business as well as the responsibility for its work to the society.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economy of the Regional Executive Committee Pavel Marinenko commented on the implementation of the state program in the region concerning small and medium businesses. According to him, since the beginning of the year, 449 new commercial organizations have been registered in the region, and the largest number of them - 47, in the Mogilev region. Due to the creation of industries and enterprises more than 2130 people are employed and the overwhelming majority of new work places were created by private business companies.


Pavel Marinenko added that the quantitative growth in the number of business entities is not always an indicator of their contribution to the economy. "Business grows up, it becomes bigger. Weak companies are leaving the market. Therefore, the most important task is to create conditions not only for start-up entrepreneurs, but also for the existing companies to strengthen and develop"- he stressed.