22 /December 2017

President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had the first meeting with business circles representatives

Small and medium business is considered to be the most important component of sustainable economic development. This was announced by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on December 22 at the meeting with business circles representatives from all over the country.

Two and a half hundred representatives of the authorities and business spheres of all regions were invited to the meeting in the Palace of Independence. The CEO of Protos LLC N.S. Sysa was a part of the delegation from the Mogilev region.

An open and frank dialogue about new rules, key innovations in the private sector of the economy and, in fact, the future of Belarus was held. It was mentioned that the contribution of the business is very strong: every third job, a third of investments in the economy and every fourth ruble of the GDP. The main topic of discussion was the provisions of the Decree "On the Development of Entrepreneurship", as well as seven accompanying decrees. The entire set of documents is designed to improve the business climate in the country and remove unnecessary administrative barriers.

"We have repeatedly addressed the issue of entrepreneurship development, but this is the first time we meet in such a wide format: among the present there are representatives of the government and all business spheres - from craftsmen to owners of large private companies. One thing that unites us all is a clear understanding that small and medium business is the most important component of the sustainable development of the economy and, hence, the state existence"- said Alexander Lukashenko