09 /July 2020

Reception of citizens

July 9, 2020, The Chairman of the Invesrigative Committee of Belarus Ivan Noskevich had a working trip to Mogilev, during which he visited the Metalwork Plant and held a personal reception of citizens in the administrative building of PROTOS LLC.

– Receptions of citizens by the head of the Investigative Committee are an important tool not only for studying issues that bother people, but also an active form of feedback, - Ivan Noskevich noted. – First of all, personal communication with the applicant is an opportunity to look at person's problem from a different side, make everything to listen to everyone and help those who apply to solve different life problem. It is important to understand in a short time and make a decision fairly and in accordance with the law, respecting the rights and interests of all parties in conflict or disputable situations.

According to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, many questions are removed during the reception, when various ways of resolving issues of concern to the applicant are explained in detail and balanced to the applicant, doubts are dispelled, and citizens are convinced that the problem is not only heard.

The questions raised during the reception of the workers of the plant were within the exclusive competence of the Investigative Committee. The head of the department gave explanations and recommendations on them. It should be noted that there were no complaints related to labor relations. In turn, this is due to the experience of the head of the enterprise, who takes all measures to resolve all requests and statements of subordinates in the working order on the spot.